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What the “Cluck” is All the Fuss About?

26 Nov

For the last few weeks, a debate has raged in the City of Windsor about the keeping of chickens within the City limits. City councillors have been side-stepping the issue, enforcement personnel have been zealous in their response¬†and the community is divided over whether to allow these potential menaces into people’s back yards.

The problem started when Sarah Kacso, a City resident purchased a couple of chickens – that’s right, a couple – and kept them in her yard in a coop as pets and for their eggs. She claims that the eggs have benefits over factory farm eggs, but to be honest, I wouldn’t know the difference.

So, why all the fuss? Well, a City by-law prohibits the keeping of chickens in residential zones. It’s rational is that they may become a nuisance because of their smell, noise or whatever it is that chickens could do to annoy people. I have to ask, “really?” I’ve got neighbours that routinely let their dogs run at large, bark their damned heads off and crap all over my yard. Frankly, I’d welcome a chicken-at-large. At least what it leaves in my yard might be edible! And don’t get me started on my neighbours cats who have been using my beach as a litter box for the better part of the summer.

In reality, a chicken or two is no more a nuisance than a cat or a dog. I see no harm in allowing unusual pets into the city, provided that the ownership is regulated and the property where the pet will be lodged is large enough to contain it (I know someone will advocate elephants because they make excellent fertilizer). So, have your chicken and eat it too!