Only recently, have men’s lifestyle issues – fatherhood, intimacy, health, career, etc. – been given the platform of discussion it has so long deserved. Not so long ago, to open a dialogue about being a man was the equivalent of stating, “I’m a misogynist, come and get me.” Men’s roles in society are evolving in the same way that women’s roles began their evolutionary, perhaps revolutionary, march forward some forty years ago. Today’s men are more apt than previous generations to be contemplative about their changing roles.

The “alpha male” is a strong, confident and wise leader of other men. Centuries ago, this man would have been a warrior. Today, he is a dedicated father,¬†responsible politician, loyal husband, generous business owner, etc. Defining the alpha male and his role is what this blog is about. Guiding young men into manhood and providing guidance to excel amongst your social circle and be seen by those who love you as a mentor to others.


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